Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bob Mould- Silver Age

Ray has been entering all of these online contest lately. He is convinced that he is going to win $50,000 from HGTV and he has a good point, someone has to win. 
So last week I got a text from him- We won Bob Mould tickets. Holla
Not the dream kitchen that he had in mind but still awesome.
We were planning on going to this show anyway so now we just saved 50 bucks. I now also have faith that people DO win contests and have stopped (almost entirely) making fun of Ray for his contest entering habit.

So anyway if you don't know Bob Mould you should def check him out. His newest album Silver Age came out today. And a really good read is his autobiography See a Little Light. I can't wait to see him live next week. The last time we saw him, he was so loud that my ears didn't stop ringing for days. 

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