Thursday, June 7, 2012

So I was on the local news today. About local peacocks.

My friend Steph is a reporter and I made the mistake of telling her at H's party that we have these awful feral peacocks in our neighborhood and that I was starting a petition to have them removed.

Don't ever tell a reporter about something unless you don't mind if it ends up on the news.
So Steph texted and call for a week. Them told me she was doing the story but didn't really have anything and she really needed my help.

My tombstone will read- Here lies Nicolette, she was a very good friend.

So I did the interview. Felt like an idiot. But helped a friend out. And hopefully will be getting my peafowl removed. Win-Win.

Plus I finally got to see the guy who used to own the peacocks. Frank. Whoaaaa mama... They don't call them crickabillies for nothing.

By way the way those peacocks in the picture were on my driveway. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Not India.